Publisher’s Notes: Spring Growth

Written by Chris McDonell

Spreading the Eatdrink Message

The sun is shining today and I see shoots pushing out of the earth in the gardens, so Spring really has arrived. I’m delighted, and excited, because at Eatdrink we have been eagerly anticipating this season through a long and intense winter, and I’m not a winter-hater. It’s just that we have some big changes afoot, and the time has come to talk about them.

This issue, the largest Eatdrink in quite some time, focuses on “outdoor eating and drinking.” I like the mix of articles, touching upon so many facets of the culinary world. There are plenty of challenges in publishing a magazine, but finding worthy stories to tell is not one of them. We’re happy to share some extra ones this issue.

Bryan Lavery took on the challenge of compiling the “Patio Roundup” for us again this year, and a daunting job it is. Listing every destination worthy of a visit is impossible, but these highlights have me eager to get into the great outdoors … in a comfy seat with cold drink in hand.

Most of our existing readership will remain unaffected by the big change coming here, and that is intentional. After much thought, and getting the right crew together, we are launching a “sister publication” to serve Waterloo Region and Wellington County. In short, this is Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and the surrounding communities. This is incredibly fertile territory for Eatdrink, with outstanding candidates for the type of stories that we love. I did the research enough to know that, but I will admit that I’m a bit like a kid in a candy store. The choices are almost overwhelming, and undoubtedly will provide the makings of another compelling magazine.

Rather than risk diluting the local content that keeps our readers engaged, and just widen our focus, everything will stay the same here, on paper. We’ll share all the stories from both magazines online.

A critical key to our success has been the high quality of our writers, and I’m pleased to say that Andrew Coppolino, one of the leading media voices promoting local cuisine and food culture in Waterloo Region, is already working closely with our Eatdrink team. Andrew’s informed and passionate work is in evidence at, on Waterloo’s CBC Radio, and in The Kitchener Post newspaper. He will be Editorial Consultant with Eatdrink, help compile the regional “BUZZ” column, and write for us. I’ve seen first drafts already and can attest that this is someone readers will follow with enthusiasm.

The “new” Eatdrink will launch the first week of June, and then come out every other month.

Here in London, our focus is also shifting towards the assembly of our annual London’s Local Flavour publication. This will be Issue 7 (!) of this popular guide, and I suspect it will be the best one yet. Busy days lay ahead, certainly, but celebrating the best of food and drink is one of the better jobs to have, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.


About the author

Chris McDonell

Eatdrink founder and publisher Chris McDonell brings integrity and a widely diverse background in publishing to the task of making Eatdrink a vital part of the food and drink scene in Southwestern Ontario.