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Written by Chris McDonell

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The timing couldn’t have been better for Bryan Lavery’s guide to Stratford’s culinary scene and Jane Antoniak’s Huron County roadtrip story in this issue. Combined with tariff wars and border concerns, a low Canadian dollar and the price of gas, exploring more of what our region has to offer makes sense for so many reasons. Number one, of course, is that there are amazing places to go. The only problem with these types of roundups is that it is impossible to include every worthy business, but that speaks to an ongoing issue at Eatdrink. There are too many good stories to tell. I count that as one of the better problems to have.

David Chapman has been a friend to Eatdrink since its inception, so we watched the trials that his David’s Bistro went through last year with real trepidation. Read Bryan Lavery’s story for the details. Ouch! But —spoiler alert — we’re happy to help celebrate the restaurant’s 20th year knowing David and his amazing crew are ready to continue being “an oasis for food lovers” for years to come.

Having personally come of age in rebellion against disco, tight polyester and fast food, it has been glorious to see the farm-to-table ethos emerge from the fringes and in many respects now take centre stage. Quality food and good cooking have always been around, but so many were lured into compromised positions by convenience and cheap prices. Today, even McDonald’s uses (audaciously!) the term “artisanal” to describe some of its products, as so many seek authentic local flavours.

Eatdrink is assembling Volume 7 of the annual London’s Local Flavour Culinary Guide. The guide has proven so popular with readers that each update grows in size and quality. Selectively distributed at tourism locations throughout Ontario, at farmers’ markets, the airport and through participating restaurants and hotels, 30,000 copies were picked up, and thousands more viewed Volume 6 online. It’s a restaurant guide, and much more, giving detailed information about exciting options for dining out, craft beers, specialty shops … everything that touches on culinary culture. This year, “neighbours” will be allowed to participate, and we look forward to sharing the best issue yet in August.


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