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Publisher’s Note: The Holiday Issue — Friends and Family, Eatdrink and Be Merry

Chris McDonell
Written by Chris McDonell

The Eatdrink Holiday Issue is one of our most fun to put together. While we always celebrate the enjoyment of good food and drink, there is something special about that at this time of year. We tend to be more intentional in connecting with the people that are important in our lives, whether they are work colleagues, neighbours, or relatives. The timing is perfect to have a family on the cover, and this one in particular. Chef Brian Sua-an and Jerrah Revilles brought their daughter Saisha into the portrait with pride, a quality reflected in the work they do with Reverie, their tasting menu restaurant. You will read about a similar theme at The Church Key Bistro-Pub, where Vanessa and Peter Willis have manifested their own vision for what a restaurant can be. May both families serve as inspiration for heartfelt sharing of meals and joyful celebrations for all of us.

Our regular columnists, always keeping with the seasons, are of service again in this issue, and our annual Gift Guide provides a bonus slate of insightful suggestions. You will also see dozens of businesses ready to take on some of the pressures of the holidays for you, and they really are the experts. Place your trust in them with confidence. We hope you enjoy every moment of all the festivities.


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Chris McDonell

Chris McDonell

Eatdrink founder and publisher Chris McDonell brings integrity and a widely diverse background in publishing to the task of making Eatdrink a vital part of the food and drink scene in Southwestern Ontario.

Dear Eatdrink Community Members,

Eatdrink is officially on hiatus as far as publishing a magazine but we look forward to our return once we can all safely be together again. In the meantime, please follow Eatdrinkmag on social media, where we continue to promote local businesses that offer timely and creative ways to enjoy quality food and drink to appreciative customers. We are grieving the devastating toll that this pandemic is taking, with precious lives lost and businesses and creative people facing crises that are entirely out of their control. We are all in this together, so let’s support local initiatives as much as possible, now and forever.

Once conditions allow safe social interaction, including dining out, shopping and travel, Eatdrink will be back in magazine form to help businesses and readers find each other and celebrate our rich culinary culture.

Today, the future is uncertain but we anticipate tremendous consumer enthusiasm once people get back to work and play. We are looking at all the various ways that we can support financially-stressed businesses with affordable and effective ways to help them get back on their feet. Readers will find the Eatdrink magazine they love, with a few new and interesting changes, still free and worth reading cover to cover.

Take Care,
Chris McDonell