Local Commitments: Welcome to Eatdrink

Written by Chris McDonell

This issue of Eatdrink has been percolating for a number of years. It is truly exciting to see our Waterloo Region & Wellington County edition finally come to fruition. We will be publishing a new issue every other month, distributed in print throughout this region and available everywhere online. For those of you who are getting your first glimpse of our magazine, we have been publishing in London, Stratford and a large swath of Southwestern Ontario — between Goderich on Lake Huron and Port Stanley on Lake Erie — for more than a decade. In that time, we have celebrated a rich treasure trove of local chefs and restaurants, farmers and artisans of every stripe, wineries, breweries,  distilleries and so many facets of food and drink. Our goal, with the help of local friends and experts, is to do the same here. It is crystal clear that there is no shortage of good stories to tell, and I believe we’re well on our way with this issue.

Andrew Coppolino has crossed paths with members of our Eatdrink team over the years, and made strong and positive impressions. His ongoing work publishing stands out, and we are looking for exactly that kind of inquisitive and entertaining writing that promotes local food culture. I was thrilled that Andrew was open to working with us, and you’ll see his first contributions in two restaurant profiles in this issue. Perhaps less obvious is his work with our Buzz column, which serves as our clearinghouse for all sorts of culinary news and tidbits. This compilation is actually a group effort, but we wouldn’t take this task on without local people on the ground on behalf of this magazine.

I will be clear that we have an agenda. We promote restaurants and encourage dining out. We like businesses that support local suppliers. We advocate buying quality food and beverages for home consumption. We believe that a strong, local and sustainable food system is integral to our physical health and our economic well-being. Knowing where our food comes from makes sense, on local and global levels and encourages responsible stewardship of our land and resources. Getting to the farm gate and buying directly isn’t feasible for everyone, sellers or buyers. Farmers’ markets are wonderful, and there are many other purveyors that connect us with farmers, fishers, coffee growers and the like in positive ways. We are glad to support them.

I should add that local and ethically-sourced food usually tastes better! The thought that goes into the process also tends to encourage creativity, and innovators excite us too. But sometimes simplicity and traditional methods are just perfect. We celebrate all of that.

Eatdrink does not publish reviews. We write about businesses we like and ignore the rest. That said, our resources are finite and we can only fit so many stories into an issue. If you are doing good things, you are on our list of potential stories for future issues. We look forward to a longstanding relationship with our readers, and our advertisers. We do NOT sell our stories. If we lose the trust of our readers, they are gone, and in a short time, we will be gone too. We look forward to creating thousands of new fans, and being here for a long time. And we are so pleased to get started!

We also are far more than the magazine that you are holding in your hand. If you are reading this online, you know that already. Our website includes everything we print, and more. Stories are easy to share, and we keep an extensive inventory of back issues available, in full. We are also very active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please join us there. We look forward to you being part of the Eatdrink conversation.


Chris Mcdonell founded Eatdrink in 2007.

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Chris McDonell

Eatdrink founder and publisher Chris McDonell brings integrity and a widely diverse background in publishing to the task of making Eatdrink a vital part of the food and drink scene in Southwestern Ontario.