Leading the Pack Wolfhead Distillery: Local Craft Small Batch Ultra-Premium Spirits

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The Restaurant

The Wolfhead Distillery Restaurant features innovative and trendsetting culinary cooking. Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers healthy seasonal menu items, locally grown, with many incorporating Wolfhead spirits. 

Recommendations include the Apple Whisky Pulled Pork Sandwich, pork shoulder basted with Premium Whisky, rubbed with Cajun spices and slow-roasted for six hours. Then it’s pulled apart and infused with Wolfhead Whisky barbecue sauce, stuffed in a spacatelli bun and garnished with pickles, prosciutto and melted smoked gouda. Or try the Drunken Shrimp & Scallops. Large white tiger shrimp and sweet bay scallops are sautéed with garlic, select spices and tomatoes, then flambéed in premium Wolfhead Vodka. They’re served over rice pilaf with garlic bread.

An ever-changing list of local craft beers on tap, local wines and a creative cocktail list ensure a complete dining experience.   

Tom Manherz, owner of Wolfhead Distillery, was inspired by the local history of rumrunning and Prohibition after establishing a third party bottling operation. Tom’s inspiration soon developed into ideas of building a premium craft distillery. Wolfhead was born.

A craftsman’s operation, Wolfhead Distillery incorporates the resources found in its own backyard, producing unique flavours that push the boundaries of standard Canadian Spirits. Most notably, the neighbouring Amherstburg quarry supplies the distinct limestone-treated water that is used in the production of all Wolfhead spirits, as well as exclusively locally-grown grains.

The Products

Wolfhead is proud to already have six unique premium products available for purchase, with more to come. The double barrel Premium Craft Whisky is so bold that it stands alone among the pack, strong but classy and elegant. The small batch Premium Craft Vodka embodies craftsmanship at its finest. Fiercely elegant yet so smooth that it will unleash your inner wolf! Both are 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). 

Popular flavoured spirits include:

Wolfhead Coffee Whisky Liqueur

Deep toffee brown in colour with rich aromas of roasted coffee with milk chocolate and toasted grains, this creamy textured whisky tastes of honey, chocolate, vanilla and nougat with lingering coffee notes. 30% ABV. 

Wolfhead Grapefruit Flavoured Vodka

Crystal clear and colourless with a bold grapefruit peel aroma, the clean vodka background taste is enhanced with a sweetly zesty pink grapefruit flavour and a mild tartness. Enjoy the clean piquant citrus finish. 35% ABV.

Wolfhead Banana Caramel Flavoured Vodka

Bright yellow/gold in colour, exotic tropical fruits aromas enhance this smooth vodka’s tastes of sweet ripe banana and caramel with a round, creamy texture. 28% ABV

Coming in 2019!

Look forward to further additions to Wolfhead’s popular Vodka line. Also coming along well in development is Wolfhead Premium Gin. Follow Wolfhead on social media for updates, or sign up online to be a member of The Wolf Pack! You’ll be the first to know about upcoming products and events.

Not Just a Distillery

Wolfhead has an inviting retail store where you can purchase your favourite Wolfhead products as well as a selection of unique gift ideas.

Public tours and tastings are available on Saturdays, at only $12 per person. Group Tours are by appointment only, please. Just want a Tasting? Only $6 per person. 

For a truly original day or night, Wolfhead Distillery is available to host your party or event. It takes a unique approach to make that special day feel as amazing as you’ve dreamed. Let Wolfhead be your choice! 

Retail Store Hours*
MON-TUE: 9am–4pm
WED-SAT: 11am–8pm
SUN: 11am–6pm

Distillery & Restaurant
MON-TUE: Closed
WED-SAT: 11am–8pm
SUN: 11am–6pm

* subject to change

7781 Howard Avenue, Amherstburg


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