Eatdrink and be Very Merry

Written by Chris McDonell

Holiday Issue Highlights

well remember a more youthful and innocent excitement about the holiday season, thumbing through the Sears Christmas catalogue for inspiration and details on the latest toys and games. When did the emphasis change from “getting” to “giving”? No doubt that was a process that unfolded over time, but that brought its own joys and excited feelings of anticipation. Instead of a list with just my name on it, the task was to figure out the best idea for Mom, Dad, and six siblings. It was a good day indeed when each was taken care of and stroked off the list. Even better was the moment of placing them, carefully gift-wrapped (maybe in a box to disguise any hint of the contents), under the family Christmas tree.

There is a similar feeling putting out the Eatdrink Holiday Issue. We’ve been thinking about this for awhile. This is an important event on our calendar, and that really needs no explanation. Our advertisers are keen to get their message out, and readers are keen to hear it. For many businesses, this is the most critical time of year for revenue generation. For many consumers, there is a presumption that they will be spending more than usual. While that is undoubtedly a stress for some, we hope that expectation comes with an understanding that this can be — should be — a life-affirming activity that enhances warm feelings of family and community. We want to be making wise choices, mixed with letting loose with silly fun or indulgences that bring extra joy to life. Being a bridge between our advertisers and our readers is the rationale for the business side of our magazine’s existence. Doing that with integrity, creativity, and gratitude is what makes this work satisfying.

I always enjoy assembling our annual gift guide. What an eclectic collection of ideas! There is literally something there for everyone, but dare I say that what I love most about this is the spur this gives me to be creative in my gift giving? Thank you to all of our contributors.

London’s new restaurant Grace opened earlier this year amidst extensive construction in Downtown London. Executive Chef Angela Murphy and her talented team have handled this with … you know … grace. In fact, they’re overcoming more than roadwork barriers and inconveniences that won’t be fully over for another few weeks. Read Bryan Lavery’s story about how there is much more than meets the eye going on at Grace, but what is visible is equally inspiring.

We’ve been almost overwhelmed with the positive reaction we got when we opened up Eatdrink’s annual Local Flavour Culinary Guide to most of Southwest Ontario. I’ve provided a sneak peek into what that’s going to be, and the journey this has been, as we look forward to the birth of our new publication in a few short weeks. We’re looking forward to distributing what will be more like a book than a magazine.

Choosing to go another route than “holiday suggestions,” our beer and wine writers address an approach to imbibing choices more than specifics (although the latter are there too). In short: Buy local. Make VQA wines and local craft beers part of your seasonal celebrations! 

You’ll find plenty of other holiday ideas in the rest of the magazine, including an expanded BUZZ column full of exciting news and opportunities. We hope that everyone will connect with the holiday spirit we’re feeling here, and finish 2019 enjoying life’s blessings.







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Chris McDonell

Eatdrink founder and publisher Chris McDonell brings integrity and a widely diverse background in publishing to the task of making Eatdrink a vital part of the food and drink scene in Southwestern Ontario.