Cuvée Grand Tasting

Wineries and winemakers from across Ontario gather at Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort once a year for the annual Cuvée Grand Tasting event, a celebration of excellence in Ontario winemaking now in its 26th year.. This year Brock University has taken over the planning and organizing of Cuvée from the Niagara Community Foundation. “It’s a natural … Read More

Sound Bites

Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to swing into summer with vocalist Gina Farrugia and the 18-piece Prime Time Big Band. Their May 15 concert at Aeolian Hall features cabaret seating and a jumping dance floor — fuelled by fox trots, jives, and what Farrugia calls “old school swing.” “I’ve been singing with these … Read More

Is the Local Food Movement Elitist?

  The thrust of this column, Food Writer at Large, is to present my thoughts on the seasonal food landscape — and the always-changing restaurant scene in Stratford and London in particular — and about what is happening not only regionally but also nationally on the Canadian culinary stage. When I go out to eat, … Read More

Big Girl Pantries

The fact that my pantry, something I yearned for my entire life, has a door, is a mixed blessing. Ideally I would have preferred glass so that I could admire the colourful labels of neatly stacked preserves and jewel-toned specialty vinegars as I passed by, and perhaps a batterie de cuisine like Nigella has, with … Read More

Fine Stories, Well Told

“Fine stories, well told” is how Artistic Director Simon Joynes describes Port Stanley Festival Theatre’s 2015 season. “We produce exclusively Canadian compelling material in a variety of comedic, musical, and dramatic genres,” says Joynes, who has been the theatre’s Artistic Director since 2005. In line with its mandate, the theatre’s season of five “fine stories” … Read More

Destination: West Street, Goderich

It’s been nearly four years since an F3 tornado hit Goderich, sweeping up from Lake Huron, killing a worker at the Sifto salt mine, leaving a swatch of destruction along West Street and through the famous town square before landing finally in Benmiller. Along the way, homes, churches and businesses were damaged or destroyed. Now, … Read More

The Hops Crop

No one knows for sure when hops were first used in beer, but they were introduced for a very practical reason: hops are natural preservatives. When the British Empire was colonizing much of the world, wherever it sent its soldiers, beer seemed to follow. Rumour has it that India Pale Ale was created specifically for … Read More

A Curious History of Food and Drink

History buffs and foodies unite! This could have been the battle cry of Ian Crofton when writing his book A Curious History of Food and Drink (Quercus, 2013, $19.99). From prehistory to the 21st century, Crofton has chronologically arranged an assortment of anecdotal tidbits about the culinary world. With such a span of history, he … Read More

Herb Appeal

Herbs are flavour-packed and nutrition-packed ingredients. They are mostly easy to grow, many are perennial plants in our climate and the variety is much greater than you may be aware. Herbs not only add spice, flavour and freshness to meals, but can also protect you against diseases, clear toxins from your body and provide you … Read More