Savour the Harvest

  In the quiet town of Exeter, just 50 kilometers north of London, the last sounds of summer are fading against a backdrop of still September air. Crickets drone, water cascades softly in MacNaughton Park, and if you listen very closely, you can almost hear the trees taking their last breath of green, before exhaling … Read More

Finding Friendly, Fresh and Local

      From the Okanagan Valley to Salt Springs and Vancouver Islands, British Columbia offers such a bounty of locally grown food and drink that it was nearly impossible to take it all in during our short stint on the west coast – but we certainly did our best! Fish tacos and wild salmon; … Read More

Canadian Culinary Stars

    Since its inception six years ago, Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival has been a hands-down triumph. The event is an opportunity to meet and engage with a genuine fraternity of talented tastemakers and culinary advocates. A mecca for food enthusiasts and professionals, it has become one of Ontario’s most prestigious culinary festivals … Read More

The Buzz

    With autumn comes the harvest: a perfect time to take a road trip, and to discover and enjoy nearby farmgates, markets, restaurants, wineries, and fall fairs. Farmers’ Markets Ontario provides a gateway to finding top-quality and farm-fresh products — lists of markets, maps, dates of operation and more. September is back-to-school time. … Read More

Recipe Intangibles

  A tablespoon of this, a quart of that, a dash of this, a splash of that – all recipes have certain measurements. Some chefs are less precise, using more subjective quantities such as a handful, two finger-widths, or tennis-ball-sized; others claim no measuring is needed at all, as long as your culinary experience allows … Read More

New Opportunities for Local Wines

  Hello Ontario! A mere 234 years after the first farmers’ market was established in Kingston, the Ontario government has seen fit to allow those farmers who turn their crops into wine to take part in the community. Consumers are now able to enjoy one-stop local shopping, purchasing their fresh local groceries, and sampling and … Read More

Sow What?

Everything old is new again. Only a few generations ago, most people, not only gardeners, would have taken advantage of the entire growing season to maximize their yield for winter storage. It was a way of life. Extending the season by understanding which vegetables are more cold tolerant and their days to maturity (from seed … Read More


    Travel has been a lifelong passion of mine, and several years ago I established a travel bucket list — with Vietnam at the top.At long last (and after several diversions), I traveled to Vietnam on a photography tour in April. I discovered and enjoyed an amazing country, people and cuisine.After a long but … Read More

The Arts & Cookery Bank

  For over four years, The Arts & Cookery Bank on 242 Graham Road in West Lorne has served as a treasure trove of culinary learning opportunities.Created as a living legacy to promote appreciation for the agricultural community’s history and having modern day relevance, this unique venture illustrates the magic that can occur through an … Read More