Old World Inspiration, Local Infusion

  Abruzzi’s Chef Dave Lamers and Manager Rob D’Amico share a glance and a smile as they talk about how quickly the past six years in business have flown by. And though the restaurant’s co-owners haven’t changed course since setting out on their original mission of serving up “Italian-inspired” cuisine, what has propelled the establishment … Read More

Getting it Right

  The 12thAnnual London Wine & Food Show returns to the Metroland Media Agriplex at the Western Fair District on January 19th for three days of wine, beer, spirits and epicurean plates. Ontario has been growing steadily as a culinary destination and this event will showcase, among others, the wineries, breweries, restaurants and chefs who … Read More

Looking for Romance?

  Is winter romance on your to-do list for Valentine’s Day? Celebrate your love and all things Canadian for the country’s 150th anniversary by spending your precious get-away time in our home and native land. Not much says Canada more than Algonquin Park. And here’s a tip – you don’t need to sleep in a … Read More

Culinary Entrepreneur Dave Cook

  London’s Old East Village has become an indie platform for hot trends in food, dining, artisanal crafts, music and entertainment. Culinary entrepreneur and Old East Village (OEV) champion Dave Cook is deemed to be among the key catalysts for this revitalization and renaissance. Providing leadership in local food innovation and social enterprise, Cook’s company, … Read More

Young Talent Shines Bright

    It may be the dead of winter, but local talent will be shining bright on stages across our region this January and February. London’s least conventional classical ensemble, the Rebelheart Collective, presents its second concert at Aeolian Hall, January 21, with a program of music by Bartok, Haydn, Mozart and Mussorgsky. At the … Read More

Anderson Craft Ales

  What happens when a new brewery moves into an old neighbourhood? Magic. Anderson Craft Ales, which brewed its first batch last summer, has already become another good reason to explore London’s Old East Village. Located in a former industrial building on Elias Street, Anderson was started with two beer recipes and the goal of … Read More

Ontario Distillers

  As we welcome 2017- Canada’s 150th birthday – into our lives, we wanted to look at some of Ontario’s craft spirits producers, both new and well-established, to get into the spirit of this important celebration. Still Waters Distillery, located in Concord, is one of the oldest micro-distillers in Ontario.It’s owned by Barry Stein and … Read More

A Piece of Cake?

    This might sound fishy but … I love word play and I have a mind that tends to trap trivia, so I’ve collected snippets of interesting word combos and mispronunciations along the way. I thought that pulling out the ones related to food would be a piece of cake, and I even expected … Read More

Our Collective Appetite

  Trends — the general direction in which something is developing or changing —advance in predictable stages. This is no different in the culinary world, where we see the manifestations of our collective appetites. In no particular order, here are the most prominent local trends. 1  The big news this year is the ever-increasing popularity of, … Read More

Jill’s Soups Stews & Breads

  January. Ah, January. That magical time of year when you can’t possibly eat another piece of cake, candy or chocolate. You’ve spent the last several weeks eating five meals a day and “tasting” 342 sweet/salty/crunchy/chewy things. You’re craving light, simple food, and at the same time you need to fuel you up for the … Read More

Selections for the Resolute

  Anyone who has made resolutions to read more in 2017 can start the year off by adding these foodie fiction titles to their reading list. The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister (2009) As a seasoned chef, Lillian opens up her restaurant kitchen one night a week to teach cooking classes. The story … Read More

The Buzz

  London Chef Thomas Waite of boutique catering company The In Home Chef is anticipating opening Spruce on Wellington January 27th, in the premises formerly occupied by Willie’s Café. Waite promises that the restaurant will provide patrons with an innovative dining experience “unlike anything that London has seen before.” Waite will also launch a series … Read More

Respite from Cabin Fever

  Looking for an escape from the dark winter nights? Getting a bit of cabin fever? Then consider a night out being entertained by live theatre. Kick off 2017 and beat the winter blues, challenge your mind and support the arts in our area. To set the mood for 2017 comes Reefer Madness from the … Read More

Let It Snow!

  The snow is snowing, the wind is blowing but, hey London, we can weather the storm. We’ve got music to keep us warm. Mighty fine music too. On Sunday, January 15, American country star Lee Ann Womack plays the Chatham Capitol Theatre in Chatham ($40-$60). Womack has been compared to Dolly Parton and Tammy … Read More

Pleased as Punch

  As the holiday season gets underway and the seemingly endless parties take over the month of December, everyone wants an easy-to-serve festive drink option. Wine and beer are the standards, and well-suited for small events or dining out, but if you want to impress at home, give some thought to making a punch. Punch … Read More

A Holiday Trip with Some History

    Another era’s whisky and bricks have given way to two of my favourite and free foodie and family destinations in Toronto. The first is the Distillery Historic District. In its heyday the area was home to Gooderham and Worts Limited, one of the leading whiskey distilleries in the Commonwealth which in its last … Read More