Festivals, Food and Fun!

  Whether making the short drive up from Essex county or coming down from more northern parts of Ontario, taking a trip to Chatham-Kent (C-K) between May and September will bring you here in the midst of festival season, when there are a variety of events to appeal to many tastes. The season generally kicks … Read More

Celebrate the Art of Craft Brewing

    Finding tasty craft beer is as easy as one-two-three in Huron County, where a trio of new breweries is ready to satisfy thirsts. Cowbell Brewing, Half Hours on Earth, and Stone House Brewing Company are located in Blyth, Seaforth, and Varna respectively and, while they share a county and a passion for fresh … Read More

Fresh and Local NOW

  Farmers’ markets are a long-standing tradition in Ontario. The term farmers’ market, however, is used broadly to describe a variety of operations that sometimes offer more diverse products than a strictly defined producer-only farmers’ market. Sometimes shopping at a farmers’ market is a way of supporting local farmers, so long as you employ a … Read More

Could these be your BBQ BFFs?

    Beer, gin and tequila are common beverage choices when it comes to barbecuing. For many, a burger and a beer go hand in hand. Wine is often not even considered when it comes to grilling. Perhaps to some it seems a bit too pretentious or maybe with all those smoky, spicy and sweet … Read More

A Bucketful of Memories

  Everyone has strong, wonderful memories imprinted with food — especially “comfort food” — and they are often the simplest, most uncomplicated repasts imaginable. Jamie Oliver has built his entire career around this very principle (remember when he was the much younger “Naked Chef” and it wasn’t him, it was the food?)  Meals that let superior … Read More

A Star-Studded Summer

  Stratford Summer Music is the little music festival that could. What began as a modest 10-day event in 2001 has grown into a six-week extravaganza, featuring big-name stars performing music from across the ages and around the globe. “One of the things I insisted on when we started was that we grow slowly and … Read More

Booch’s Business is Bubbling

  Perhaps you have spotted Booch Organic Kombucha owners Shawn Slade and Shannon Kamins selling Booch at the Covent Garden Market, and wondered what was inside the bottle of kombucha. Slade explains that kombucha is a fermented steeped tea beverage made with sugar and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). After some time, the … Read More

Cooking as Redemption

  All or Nothing: One Chef’s Appetite for the Extreme by Jesse Schenker Nine Lives: A Chef’s Journey from Chaos to Control by Brandon Baltzley   Some people whose lives have been shattered or broken by substance abuse have looked to the kitchen and cooking to help turn their lives around. Becoming a chef has … Read More

Food Gathering and Feasting at...

    David Phillips ran the Copper Beech Guest House on Haida Gwaii for 20 years, changing it from a “dollar-a-night-flop-house” into a cottage style bed & breakfast that’s been visited by tourists, artists and politicians. In 2010 he turned the hotel over to his friend, Canadian author and teacher Susan Musgrave. She has lived … Read More