The Annual eatdrink Gift Guide

It really IS better to give than to receive —when you find the perfect gift that is warmly received, and you haven’t felt caught up in shopping mall madness. To help you achieve this end, we’ve polled a fine range of independent retailers — the real shopping experts — for suggestions for the special people … Read More

Pleased as Punch

  As the holiday season gets underway and the seemingly endless parties take over the month of December, everyone wants an easy-to-serve festive drink option. Wine and beer are the standards, and well-suited for small events or dining out, but if you want to impress at home, give some thought to making a punch. Punch … Read More

Top 10 Tips for the Wine & Food Show

I am always excited to present the Holiday Issue. Parties, gifts, and time with family are all on the agenda and our writers have done their best to help guide you to success in every aspect of this festive time. On behalf of everyone here, I wish you all the very best of the season. … Read More

Award-Winning Musicians

  The Fab Four have been undergoing a mini-revival here in London. September saw the first downtown Beatles Festival, and it was a big hit. If you missed it — shame on you — Aeolian Hall Performing Arts Centre is offering a second chance at two of the acts that rocked the festival. Beatlemania Revisited … Read More

Sounds of the Season

  The musicians of #WePlayOn are in the process of naming, branding and launching a new musical ensemble for London, thanks to funding received from the London Arts Council. A $20,000 grant, made available through this year’s Community Arts Investment Program, has allowed the organization to hire Toronto strategist and arts administrator Patricia McKinna to … Read More

The Magic of Holiday Theatre

  There’s something magical about theatre at Christmas. It gives busy families a chance to slow down and enjoy an outing that doesn’t involve the usual busy activities of the season. And Christmas theatre shows usually come with a bit of pixie dust, song and dance, and merriment: the perfect ingredients for an escape during … Read More

Only if You’re Thirsty

    “I drink it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it—unless I’m thirsty.” I can relate to this famous quote … Read More

Chicken in the Mango Tree

  Many people travel to eat exotic food directly from the source. Those who are even more adventurous stay for extended periods to not only enjoy the food, but also to learn to prepare it and to understand how it defines culture. Food writer Jeffrey Alford is one of those adventurous eaters. Chicken in the … Read More

The Baker In Me

  As our family has grown older we’ve begun to pick and choose which Christmas traditions we keep and which we let go. I still love the holiday but am likely to skip “decking the halls with boughs of holly” in favour of a glass of wine and a movie marathon with my husband, dog … Read More

A Holiday Trip with Some History

    Another era’s whisky and bricks have given way to two of my favourite and free foodie and family destinations in Toronto. The first is the Distillery Historic District. In its heyday the area was home to Gooderham and Worts Limited, one of the leading whiskey distilleries in the Commonwealth which in its last … Read More

Blessings and Offerings

  The once-celebrated Church Restaurant, previously Mackenzie Memorial Gospel Church, is now Revival House. The inspired and ambitious revitalization of the former grand dame of Stratford’s culinary scene took restaurateurs Rob and Candice Wigan just over seven months to complete. The location and the building’s architectural features and spacious interior inspired its original transformation. The … Read More

Try Something New this Season

    One of the most satisfyingly flavourful and trendiest ways to end a holiday meal is with an Ontario craft dark beer. Fortunately for those living in southwestern Ontario there are at least five stellar choices that will satisfy the palate and stimulate conversation about the exceptional local breweries that created them. To find … Read More

The Big, Bad Wolfes

    Justin and Gregg Wolfe upped the ante when they opened Wolfe of Wortley earlier this summer. The brothers, who initially found sustenance in music careers, are also the proprietors of downtown London’s red-hot retro diner The Early Bird, and its adjacent sibling, the piñata-themed Rock Au Taco. “The Bird,” as it is warmly … Read More

Craft Cocktails

The modern cocktail revival has spawned the craft cocktail movement. Hand-crafted libations with pre-prohibition cocktail cred are the craze right now. The essential components of the contemporary craft cocktail comprise the use of artisanal ingredients, seasonal syrups, shrubs and infusions, premium liquors, good ice and proper garnishes. Small batch ingredients add flavour, complexity, and personality … Read More


  London Every November over the past four years, Abruzzi has donated a percentage of sales to support Prostate Cancer research at the London Health Sciences Centre. So far, with your help, a total of $12,052.53 has been raised for this important cause. To help make this year even more successful, all you have to do … Read More