The Food of Art & the Art of Food

Paul Abeleira, self-described as a “picture painting foodie,” is one of 33 artists participating in the 2016 London Artists’ Studio Tour to be held April 15, 16 and 17. This eagerly awaited annual event invites the public to visit local artists’ studios and experience the act of creation first hand. Abeleira generally works in oils. … Read More

The BUZZ: March & April 2016

  Around Our Region  You can easily spend an hour, a day or a weekend exploring along the Oxford County Cheese Trail. The trail is divided into hubs to help you identify what highlights are nearby. If you plan on seeing everything on the trail, the suggested route starts at Mountainoak Cheese and continues to … Read More

Le Rendez-Vous: The Luxe Life in London

Every serious restaurant is an expression of taste on the part of its chef and owners, a balance of principles and concessions in an effort to offer a brief but memorable experience to the patron. The collection of stylish restaurants around the Covent Garden Market and Budweiser Gardens continues to expand with the opening of … Read More

To Your Health! — Literally

  Have you been feeling guilty about your craft beer obsession? You say your significant other would prefer you drink something “healthier.” Well, shed your guilt, brethren of the brew. Contrary to popular misconceptions, all-natural beer truly is the miracle food — health in a glass. New studies are demonstrating that consuming fresh, all-natural beer … Read More

The School of Sophisticated Drinking

Brandy, vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, Champagne — a distinguished list that Kerstin Ehmer and Beate Hinderman have deemed worthy of higher education in their book, The School of Sophisticated Drinking: An Intoxicating History of Seven Spirits (Greystone, 2015, $22.95). From this team of bartenders-turned-authors we learn about the cultural, political, economic, and social settings … Read More

Getaway to Toronto

  What is more exciting than planning a culinary getaway to Toronto? Here are a few recommendations and tips for navigating the vibrant and ever-changing restaurant scene and some of Toronto’s hottest culinary tickets. Park your vehicle. There is an efficient transit system that makes it easy to get around the city. More than that, … Read More

Lessons in Juvenile Gastronomy

  As a parent, I have learned that a child’s tastes are fickle, ever-changing, bizarre, and downright frustrating. Biologically speaking, children must have the same taste buds as the rest of us that detect sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, but I cannot figure out how some food combinations ever pass the taste test. I’ve caught … Read More

Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery

  Tanya Mitchell, the winemaker at Sprucewood Shores Estate winery, is about to take a small group on a “Wine Club member’s only” tour of the winery. She starts by pouring everyone a glass of bubbly. “This is our new sparkling riesling. We host quite a few weddings here and there was a demand for … Read More

Dreams in a Packet

  Every gardener gets through the winter by dreaming of spring and the new growth it brings. Seeds are the gardeners’ dreams in a packet. The number of available varieties gets better each season, making seed selection an exciting pursuit year after year. Ask your seed seller for advice on new varieties, or if you … Read More